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I’m Cheryl, and I have loved art for my entire life. Whether it’s sewing, counted cross-stitching, stamping, etc. You name it; I have loved it and love it still. 


I started Latte Lamb because I wanted (needed) to find a way to incorporate my love of art into my work. I know, I know — a career in the arts, how crazy. But it has been an incredible journey that I couldn't be more proud of. 


I do the artwork & designing, and my husband Harry cuts the wood.

How It All Began


Harry walked past me one morning as I was attempting to read the paper without my glasses when I saw an ad for a local electrician. 


“Latte Lamb Electrical!” I said with far too much confidence. 


With a chuckle, he quickly let me know that I needed to find my glasses, as my guess wasn’t remotely close. 


I don’t remember the company’s real name, but it was certainly more fitting than “Latte Lamb”.


Truth be told, I don’t even drink coffee, but when Harry was on his way to work that morning, he called me to say that he really liked the name and thought it would suit our new business. I didn't disagree. 


This is where it gets weird… 


The very next morning I flipped to the comics section of the paper with my spectacles at the ready. I began reading a toon about a girl named Mary who had unfortunately lost track of her pet lamb. After some ensuing hijinks, Mary found her lamb. But where did she find her lamb, you ask?


At a cafe of all places, with a latte in hand. 


It was then I realized I was completely sold on the name, and the rest is history. 


Seeing our work in people’s homes is not only fulfilling but inspiring. It pushes us to continue to create the kind of pieces that turn a house into a home. 


Our pieces are meant for kitchens covered in floury fingerprints, cozy evenings on the back porch, and living rooms where the dog gets a seat on the sofa.

Latte Lamb Original Home Decor

Our collections are comprised of handmade pieces that are most often made of wood. Because of this, you may notice some small knots or imperfections in the wood. We always try to work with the best pieces, but we find the slight variation adds character to each and every piece. The back of our signs are left sanded and unpainted.

Why Choose Latte Lamb?

We love having the opportunity to not only create, but share our creations with our neighbors. We take pride in each individual decor piece we send out. So when you order from Latte Lamb, you can be sure it was cut, designed, painted, and packaged with love. We refuse to send out a piece that we’re not 100% happy with. If you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, please let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve the matter.

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